Traffic Data Online Release Notes

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Current: Traffic Data Online 17.11.1

Release Date: November 1, 2017


  • New Miovision logo – introducing our new brand!
  • Various performance improvements for accounts with large volumes of historical data.

Bug Fixes

  • TDO-372 – The camera icon on the “Annotate Study” step of the Add Video Wizard can still be rotated when the SCU ID covers the arrow controls used to rotate the icon.
  • TDO-403 – The error: “exception creating Microsoft.Maps.Map: Cannot read property ‘hide’ of null” no longer appears for some studies when the Annotation tab of the “Study Dashboard” is selected.
  • TDO-388 – The Knowledge Base article link shown on the page that appears if you are running an unsupported version of Internet Explorer is fixed. This page also appears if compatibility view settings are enabled.
  • TDO-377 – The Welcome Email that the user holding the Org Admin role sends when a new user is invited to the account contains a link to request free product training and updated Knowledge Base article links indicating system requirements for upload.

Known Bugs

  • TDO-391 – When a location is updated from the “Location” tab on the Study Dashboard after a study is published, the new location pin does not display in red, which makes it difficult to discern which pin is the active pin.

Traffic Data Online 17.9.5

Release Date: September 5, 2017

Bug Fixes

  • TDO-367: When configuring multiple studies consecutively the aerial map view on the “Annotate Study” step displays the location of the study currently being configured
  • TDO-376: Existing map location pins can be re-selected in accounts with >500 location pins

Traffic Data Online 17.7.12

Release Date: July 12, 2017


  • Bing maps api upgrade to v8 – updated map detail and better performance in study configuration
  • Number of lanes displayed in “Account” tab for ATR and Pathway study types
  • Study cloning for custom class – re-upload no longer required

Bug Fixes

  • TDO-270: Unable to adjust time format in User Pref menu non-English locale
  • TDO-339: Rate discrepancy between “Classifications Settings” step and “Review Study” step in configuration
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