Replacing Scout SD Cards

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Technical Specifications

These are the technical specifications for the industrial-grade Ultra SD card that Miovision sells for use with the Scout VCU.

  • Storage Technology: Ultra MLC
  • Class Rating: Class 10
  • Temperature Rating: -40°C to +85°C
  • Storage Capacity: 16 or 32 GB (each SD card slot on Scout supports up to 32 GB)

The Ultra SD card is industrial-grade to ensure its performance throughout Scout’s operating temperature range. Compared to consumer-grade cards, industrial-grade cards also offer superior write endurance (the number of times the memory can be written before failure). If you prefer to purchase an SD card locally, choose a model that meets or exceeds the specifications listed above.

Deploy Scout with SD cards in Slots A and B

Even if your recording does not require the recording capacity of both SD cards, you should deploy Scout with SD cards in Slot A and B. If a technical issue affects one SD card, Scout records to the secondary card. See SD Card Recording Lengths for information about recording capacity.

Note: Firmware updates, including Over-the-Air firmware updates, require a functioning SD card in Slot A.

Inserting or ejecting the Scout SD card

Always put Scout in standby mode before inserting or ejecting the SD card. To put Scout in standby mode:

  1. Press the yellow button once.
  2. Press the Sleep button.
  3. Insert an SD card or remove an SD card.

See Best Practices for Scout SD cards for more information.

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