Scout Operating Parameters

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Deployed Height: ~20 ft. (6m) + the height at which you mounted the bracket

Temperature Range: -40°F (-40°C) to 140°F (60°C)

Maximum Wind Load: 50 mph (~80.5 km/h)

Day/Night: Camera rated for 0.03 lux. Usable for 24-hour studies

Field of View: 90° horizontal and vertical

Video Resolution: 720 x 480 pixels

Max. Battery Life: 72 hours of continuous use

Battery Recharge Time: ~24 hours

Memory Types Accepted: SD Memory cards (incl. SDHC)

Max. Recording Time:

Card Size Standard Quality High Quality
2 GB 11 hours 2 hours
4 GB 22 hours 4 hours
8 GB 45 hours 8 hours
16 GB 90 hours 17 hours
32 GB 182 hours 35 hours

See SD Card Capacity for more information.

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