Connecting to cabinet devices using TrafficLink Remote Access Client

After you work with Customer Support to configure your cabinet devices in Miovision TrafficLink, you can connect to devices such as MMUs and Controllers using TrafficLink Remote Access Client.

  1. In TrafficLink, navigate to the intersection where the device is located and then click  Devices.
  2. Next to the device you want to connect to, click  and then click Connect.
  3. If you have not yet installed the TrafficLink Remote Access Client:
    1. Click Install to install the TrafficLink Remote Access Client.
    2. After the file downloads, click the filename to run it.
    3. Click Run > Install > Finish.
    4. After the installation is finished, click OK, click , and then click Connect.
  4. On the Connection Succeeded screen, make note of the host and port number and then click Continue.
  5. Open your client software and connect to the cabinet device using the host and port number. For example,, port 10001.

You can only connect to one cabinet device at a time. A connection to a cabinet device expires after 30 minutes.

Disconnect from a cabinet device

  • In the system tray, click and then click Disconnect.
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