Scout Release Notes

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Scout Firmware

Scout with Connect Firmware

Firmware can be downloaded from the DataLink Devices tab or updated over-the-air (OTA).

v17.0.3.294 – Release Date: Nov 1, 2017

  • If Scout detects black video, Scout Connect sends an email alert with the next Heartbeat.
Bug Fixes
  • SCK-272 – Scouts with Connect on the Matooma cellular network in Europe receive timezone offsets from DataLink based on the Scout’s GPS location. Previously, the timezone offset had to be set manually.
  • SCK-268 – Scouts with Connect on the Verizon cellular network set the timezone correctly. Previously, incorrect timezone offsets occasionally occurred.
  • SCK-269 – Previously, raw MAC address data files from long duration recordings failed to send to DataLink automatically because of their large file size. To limit the file size, MAC address data files are now sent to DataLink every 12 hours.

v17.0.3.255 – Release Date: July 31, 2017

v17.0.3.251 – Release Date: July 7, 2017

  • Heartbeat timestamps in DataLink align to the hour or half hour instead of occurring randomly.
  • Scout now sends battery / memory time-to-zero values to DataLink.
  • If Scout cannot send its MAC address data after recording completes, when it is next powered on, it attempts to send the MAC address data with the first automatic Heartbeat.
Bug Fixes
  • SCK-80: If you forget a Scout Connect in DataLink, it appears correctly on Scout without a “Registered on” value.
  • SCK-229: If a blank schedule is pulled from DataLink, the recording will not be interrupted and restarted.
  • SCK-246: Duplicate study names will not overwrite each other.
  • SCK-242: Scout remains stable when a Heartbeat is cancelled.
  • SCK-237: The OTA firmware update will not interrupt an in-progress capacity test.
  • SCK-211: If you stop a Scout recording in DataLink, an “Unexpected Error” no longer occurs.
  • SCK-212: Editing a current recording will not cause Scout to stop and restart the recording.
  • SCK-221: The power button is disabled during updates and on-screen messaging is displayed to reduce the risk of rendering a Scout Connect unusable if you take actions certain actions during a firmware update.
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