Troubleshooting: Wrong start time is shown when adding video in TDO

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The timezone setting on Scout must be manually adjusted for daylight savings time. If you recorded video without adjusting Scout for daylight savings time (or adjusting it back at the end of daylight savings time), follow these steps to correct the start and end times.

Correcting start and end times before video is uploaded

If you correct the start time in the .mio file before you upload the video to TDO, the new start and end times are used throughout TDO and DataLink.

  1. Open the .mio file in a text editor, like Notepad++.
  2. Modify the <start> reference to the intended start time.
  3. Adjust the <local_timezone_offset_minutes> setting to 0.
  4. Save the .mio file.

Correcting start and end times after a study is published

After a study is published, you can update the study start and end times in reports in TDO and DataLink by adjusting the start time in the Study Dashboard. If you view the video in TDO or DataLink after adjusting the start time in the Study Dashboard, the original start and end times are displayed.

  1. From the Study Dashboard, click in the time field after the Start Date.
  2. Type the new start time and then click Save.
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