Troubleshooting: Invalid mio File Error in Study Configuration

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When you select a .mio file for upload during study configuration, you might receive an error message indicating an invalid .mio file. For example, TDO Alert “Selected file is not a valid .mio file ‘C:\Scout\TMC_SCU030-R_2013-09-05_1119.mio'”.

To troubleshoot this issue:

  1. Confirm that you saved the entire video folder to your computer. Occasionally, not all files successfully transfer from the SD card to your computer. If the size of any file is significantly smaller than the size of the majority of the files, try re-downloading all files from the SD card.
  2. Confirm that you selected the video file from your computer, not directly from the SD card or an external hard drive. Writing or space permissions can cause this error.
  3. Confirm that there are one or more .cut files and the same number of .mp4 files for each hour of recorded video. Each of these files is required for the study to upload correctly.
  4. Confirm that no video files are corrupted. To do this, check if you can open and view each .mp4 file.

If you are missing a .cut file, follow these steps to create a working .cut file.

  1. Right-click another .cut file in the video folder and then click Copy.
  2. Rename the copy, adding the digits at the end of the corresponding .mp4 file before the file name extension. For example, if the name of the .mp4 file is Standard_SCU4DG_2017-10-08_0900.002, add .002 before the .cut file name extension.

If an .mp4 file is corrupt, email the corrupt file and the .mio file to It might be possible to repair the corrupted file. If it’s not possible to repair the file, Support can edit the .mio file to remove the hour of video so that you can proceed with video upload for the remaining hours.

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