Scout User Interface

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Scout Firmware: 14.0 +


schedule screen

When Scout boots up you will see the home screen, or Schedule screen.  See below for a details about each Scout screen.

Information Bar

The black Information Bar located along the top of each screen includes the page title, the Settings icon, current date and time, and the VCU ID.

  • The on-screen Battery Indicator displays the current overall battery level. It flashes red when the battery requires recharging.  Battery behaviour is also reflected in the LED indicators on the faceplate – see LED States for more information
  • The Settings icon links to Diagnostics, Battery and Storage screens, as well as date/time and LCD settings.  From the Settings screen you can also edit templates, set the timestamp and update your firmware.  

Navigation Bar

The grey Navigation Bar located along the bottom of each screen allows you to move between the three main screens in the Scout User Interface (UI):  the Schedule (home) screen, the Hardware screen, and the Past Recordings screen.

The Schedule (home) screen allows you to view, edit and customize any of the five included templates, or select Record Now to begin recording instantly.  Also view and verify upcoming studies from this screen.

The Hardware screen links to Battery Information and Storage checks, as well as Camera Check where you can view live video feed and confirm connectivity.

From the Past Recordings screen, review details of past recordings, including duration and status.

Additional Information

For more information on how to use Scout, see the Scout User’s Guide. 

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