Scout Polemount Set-Up and Take-Down

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To set up the Scout Polemount at a deployment site, follow the steps in this article or watch this video demonstration:


  1. Charge Scout and Power Pack (if required)
    • Review LED States
    • While unit is charging, the LED indicator on the charger will be orange or red
    • Unit is fully charged when LED indicator on charger turns green
  2. Insert an SD Card
    • Ensure the SD card is fully inserted and perform a Storage Check to ensure there is enough available space for recording
    • It is recommended that SD cards are formatted between deployments
  3. Schedule a Recording

On Location

  1. Choose a Deployment Site
    • Deploy Scout within 12 feet (3.6m) from the corner of the intersection or roadway
    • Ensure that there are no objects obstructing the Camera view
    • Ensure there are no overhead obstacles lower than 25 feet that the Camera or Mast could make contact with
    • Scout can capture movements <175 feet away (53m), and up to 6 lanes (volume only) and 4 lanes (lane separated) per VCU for an ATR study – for more detailed information, see the VCU Deployment Guidelines
    • If no suitable deployment location is available, a Tripod may be required. See the Tripod User Guide for more information
  2. Attach Polemount to Pole/Tripod
    extend bottom pole

    • Extend the bottom section of the Mast so that the bracket is at shoulder height when the Polemount is resting on the ground (this step is not required if deploying off the ground)
    • Securely fasten the clamp to ensure that the Mast section remains extended
    • Hold the Polemount against the pole so that the rubber bumpers are against pole

    Secure ratchet strap

    • Run both Ratchet Straps through the bracket and around the pole/tripod, and securely fasten
  3. Attach Scout to the Polemount Bracket
     secure control box
    • Line up the sleeve on the back of Scout with the mounting bracket arms on Polemount
    • Connectors on Scout should be facing away from the Mast / towards the pole
    • A Power Pack can be mounted on the opposite bracket, if required
  4. Attach Cables to Scout 
    • Line up the pins and plug in the video cable to the Video In connector on Scout
    • Plug in the Power Pack cable to the Charger/Power Pack connector, if required
    • Hand-tighten the fastening ring on both connectors
    • Do not over-tighten the fastening rings, or use a tool to tighten – this can damage the connectors or cables
  5. Attach the Camera to the Mast 

    Old Camera Mount

    • Screw the Camera onto the top of the Mast until hand-tight
    • Ensure the Camera is screwed on straight to avoid damaging the threads
    • Adjust the Camera head to a 45-degree angle (approximately)
    • Remove the lens cap from the Camera
    • Line up the white lines on both the Camera connector and the Mast connector to plug the Camera in

    attach camera

    New Camera Mount

    • Insert the Camera Mount into the top of the Polemount
    • Move the thumb lever to its locked position
    • Connect the Camera cable to the Polemount cable


  6. Extend the Mast
    extend mast

    • Open the lever only to the point of tension to loosen the top-most clamp
    • Extend the top section of the Mast as far as it will go – do not to over-extend
    • Close the lever to tighten the clamp
    • Test turn the Mast section by hand – it should not move
    • If necessary, tighten the clamp further by turning the fastening nut counter-clockwise
    • Repeat for each section of the Mast – the last 2 sections use a torx driver to loosen and fasten
  7. Verify the Hardware Set-up
    • Boot up Scout
    • Any scheduled studies will appear under Upcoming Studies on the left side of the screen
    • From the Hardware Screen, perform the following checks:
      • Battery Check: Displays battery capacity for the internal and powerpack batteries (if connected). A warning will be displayed if there is not enough battery power for any upcoming studies
      • Camera Check: Shows a live video feed. Make any necessary adjustments to the viewing angle/direction of the Camera to ensure the full study location is in view
    Note: Make angle/direction adjustments before extending the Polemount as much as possible to minimize stress on the cable. This becomes easier to do with experience. Only make minor adjustments after the Polemount is fully extended. 
    • Storage Check: Perform this check to ensure there is enough SD Card storage capacity for any upcoming studies. Press Format to erase any existing video or data from the SD card(s).
  8. Secure the Polemount
    lock control box

    • Secure Scout’s door and the Polemount bracket with the padlocks
    • Use the keys to lock the Ratchet Straps
    • Use a third padlock and chain for additional security (not included)

Unit Take-Down

  1. Unlock Scout and Stop the Recording
    • Always ensure that recording has stopped prior to disconnecting cables or ejecting the SD card(s)
    • If recording is in progress, press the Stop button on the Live Recording screen to manually stop it
  2. Retract the Mast
    • While holding the Mast, loosen the bottom clamp and slowly guide the Mast down
    • Tighten each section before loosening and retracting the next
  3. Remove the Camera from the Mast
    • Disconnect the Camera from the Mast cable
    • Put the lens cap onto the Camera
    • Unscrew or lift the Camera from the top of the Mast
  4. Remove Scout (and Power Pack) from the Bracket
    • Unscrew all cables from Scout (and the Power Pack)
    • Put the caps back on to the connectors
    • Remove the locks from the bracket sleeve
    • Lift Scout (and the Power Pack) off the bracket and place on the ground or in travel the case
  5. Remove the Ratchet Straps
    • Unlock both Ratchet Straps
    • To loosen a strap, pull the middle lever fully towards the handle – this will release the ratchet mechanism and allow the handle to be extended
    • Continue to hold the lever in place while pulling the ratchet away from the pole – the strap will loosen
    • Hold Polemount securely to the pole while loosening the straps to avoid it falling into traffic
  6. Lower the Bottom Section of the Mast
    • Loosen the lever beneath the bracket and lower the bottom Mast section so the Polemount is fully retracted
    • Close the lever to secure the clamp once retracted
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