Scout Safety Instructions

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Always follow the recommended safety instructions when deploying and using Scout.


  • Securely fasten and tighten the clamps when deploying the Mast. Mast sections should not be able to rotate when clamps are fastened
  • Securely fasten and lock all components
  • The Polemount can be deployed off the ground for added security against tampering – ensure the ratchet straps are fully tightened if doing so
  • For optional added security, a chain and lock can be used to secure the Polemount (not provided in package)


  • Be mindful of overhead obstacles – do not deploy to any location where power lines or transformers may make contact with the extended Mast
  • Ensure the Polemount is tightly secured prior to extending or retracting the Mast, or mounting Scout or a Power Pack on the bracket
  • Never deploy the Polemount in a lightning storm, or when lightning is forecast
  • Scout is watertight when the door is securely closed – if it is opened during inclement weather, water could damage the electronics
  • Avoid disassembling Scout unless instructed by a Customer Support Representative
  • Never touch or tamper with the internal components
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