Charging and Maintaining Scout Batteries

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Scout and the Power Pack use Sealed Lead Acid batteries for power. Follow these recommendations to extend the life of your batteries and prevent damage.

Charging Best Practices

  • Allow Scout to cool down after recording in hot temperatures (above 30°C/86°F). Charging already-hot batteries will reduce their lifespan
  • Charge Scout as soon as possible after a deployment
  • Dismount Scout from its deployed position to charge (batteries should not be charged when upside down)
  • Keep the VCU door open while charging
  • It is safe to leave Scout connected to the charger for 12-24 hours after the charger LED turns Green to extend and maintain battery life and capacity – do not leave it connected for > 24 hours after the charger LED turns Green
  • Fully charge Scout every 30 days if it is not in use to maintain a safe battery level
  • Run the capacity test in advance of each count season, or a minimum of two times per year

Charging Behavior

  • The charger operates in three modes, Constant Current, Constant Voltage and Trickle Charge
  • In Constant Current mode, the charger will rapidly recharge the batteries to about 80% full
  • In Constant Voltage mode, the charger slowly charges the batteries to nearly full charge
  • In Trickle Charge mode, the charger tops up the batteries to full charge
  • The charger LED will turn Green in Trickle Charge mode*
  • The charger and Scout will become warm while charging; this is expected behavior**

*When the charger LED first turns Green, the batteries are not charged to their full capacity.  Leave the charger plugged in for another 12-24 hours to complete Trickle Charge mode and allow the batteries to equalise

**If the charger or Scout Control Unit are hot to the touch (you cannot leave your hand on them for more than 1 second) disconnect from power immediately

Charger Warnings

Under certain conditions, Scout will display a Charge Temperature or Long Charge warning. If this occurs, first run a capacity test, then download logs and send them to Customer Support for analysis.

Additional Information

When troubleshooting battery issues, you may be asked to measure Scout’s battery capacity using a multimeter.

If your batteries require replacing, please see the Battery Specifications article for purchase recommendations. See Replace Scout main batteries for steps to replace the batteries.

For additional care instructions, see the latest edition of the Power Sonic Technical Manual.

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