Record Now Template on Scout

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The Record Now option on Scout lets you begin recording immediately at the deployment site.

Record Now without the Scout Connect

The default duration for the Record Now template is 24 hours. To modify the duration, press Customize.

  • From the Home / Schedule screen, press Record Now.

Record Now with the Scout Connect

  1. From the Home / Schedule screen, press Record Now.
  2. You are prompted to allow remote management. To enable remote management, press Yes, Heartbeat only (2 min wait), or Yes, Heartbeat with Position (5 min wait). See Remote Schedule Management for more information.

Depending on the option you select, it can take 2-5 minutes to send a Heartbeat to DataLink. If a Position (GPS fix) cannot be acquired, Scout sends a Heartbeat only. Recording begins after Scout sends the heartbeat.

During recording, Scout sends Heartbeats every hour. This will coincide with the hour or half hour.

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