MioUploader Best Practices

MioUploader is optimized for Chrome and Firefox. It is compatible with Internet Explorer but connectivity can be inconsistent when used in that browser.

The following strategies do not improve MioUploader connectivity or performance:

  • Closing the application from your Task Manager (Ctrl + Alt + Delete)
  • Closing / reopening the internet browser
  • Clearing the browser cache
  • Uninstalling / reinstalling MioUploader

If you cannot establish a connection, make sure that your network meets the system requirements for TDO and MioUploader. If that is confirmed, complete the steps in the troubleshooting guide for the internet browser that you are using:

If a connection still cannot be established, complete the connection diagnostics and collect the MioUploader logs, then email them to support@miovision.com.

Follow the guidelines below for optimal MioUploader connectivity and performance. 

When to Launch MioUploader

By default, MioUploader opens at startup. Miovision recommends that you disable this option because it can lead to a stale connection and difficulty connecting.

In MioUploader, click File, click Options, and then deselect the Automatically Run on Startup setting.

Only launch MioUploader when you are ready to configure a new study in TDO. Go to the Add Video tab and then click Add Video study to begin configuring a study.

When to Initiate Upload

Stage all studies that you want to upload in the same session before initiating upload in MioUploader.

As you complete study configurations, the studies compile in the Add Video tab with a Pending upload status.

Click Upload Configured Studies after all studies have been configured.

If upload is not initiated, studies in a Pending Upload state eventually revert to a Not Started state. Click Resume next to the study to return the study to a Pending Upload state.

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