Charging and Maintaining Scout Batteries

Summary Scout and the Power Pack use Sealed Lead Acid batteries for power. Follow these recommendations to extend the life of your batteries and prevent damage. Charging Best Practices Allow Scout to cool down after recording in hot temperatures (above 30°C/86°F). Charging already-hot batteries will reduce their lifespan Charge Scout […]

Map Does Not Display in Study Configuration

Traffic Data Online requires a connection to the Bing Maps API in order to display the map when configuring studies and reviewing Location data on the Study Dashboard. Network Requirements Protocol: HTTP on port 80 Endpoint: Data: Bing Maps overlay Network Access Test 1. Click on the following link: […]

Managing Uploads to Traffic Data Online

MioUploader allows you to manage multiple simultaneous file transfers from the Uploading tab. Upload speed is impacted by bandwidth and internet upload speed. See MioUpload transfer speeds for more information. Upload Behavior A study contains a part for each video hour configured. MioUploader cannot resume uploads mid-part; if an upload is interrupted, it will […]

Unlock .miov video files

Summary Video recorded on older Scout firmware or Classic VCUs will be saved in a .miov file format. In order to view these as standard video files, perform the following workaround. To permanently record MP4 video on a Classic VCU, follow the steps to update the firmware. Environment Scout f/w […]

Polemount Mast Will Not Fully Collapse

Summary The coil cable that runs inside the Scout Polemount mast may cause an issue where the mast cannot be fully retracted. Follow the guidelines below to allow the mast to collapse. Mast sections are numbered from the top of the mast. Workaround 1  Note: applicable only to Swivel Camera […]

Installing a Replacement Faceplate on Scout

Replacement faceplates do not have a VCU ID set. Follow the steps below to replace the faceplate and set the VCU ID on the new faceplate. Remove the Faceplate Ground yourself. Failing to ground yourself before replacing the faceplate could cause electrostatic damage to the internal components of the Scout […]

Check the Fuses on the Power Pack

Summary If the Power Pack will not charge or does not show as connected to the Scout, one or more of the fuses may be broken. Follow the steps below to check and replace the fuses. Required Tools Phillips screwdriver Required Fuses 5A/250V Time lag fuses Steps *Before starting, ensure […]

Roundabout Deployment Guide

The following deployment recommendations will ensure accurate data capture for roundabouts using the Scout Video Collection System. Single-Camera Deployment A single camera can be used to capture a roundabout location provided the following conditions are met: All movements are within a distance of <175 feet (53 meters) of the camera […]

Change the Location of a Published Study

Summary The location of a study can be changed after it publishes.  Use the steps below to do this. Steps 1. From List View, click the Study Name to open the Study Dashboard 2. Click on Location (on the left) 3. Find the correct location on the map If there is already […]

Repair Scout Coil Cable Connectors

Follow the pin diagram to repair a Scout ALPR coil cable. Wire colours may vary from the guide. If this is the case, use a multimeter to perform a continuity test and determine which Pin on the opposite connector the wire is connected to. The pin diagram shows the camera […]