Miovision product names have changed

As part of Miovision’s rebrand, the following products have new names: Central is now Miovision DataLink portal Spectrum is now Miovision TrafficLink Signals is now Miovision TrafficLink portal Spectrum Camera360 is now Miovision SmartView 360 Connected Adapter is now Miovision Scout Connect You can access the DataLink portal at datalink.miovision.com […]

Scout Release Notes

Scout Firmware Current: v14.3 Scout with Connect Firmware Firmware can be downloaded from the DataLink Devices tab or updated over-the-air (OTA). Current: v17.0.3.294 v17.0.3.255 v17.0.3.251 v17.0.3.294 – Release Date: Nov 1, 2017 Enhancements If Scout detects black video, Scout Connect sends an email alert with the next Heartbeat. Bug Fixes SCK-272 […]

DataLink Release Notes

Current Version: DataLink 1.16 Previous Versions: DataLink 1.11 DataLink 1.12 DataLink 1.13 DataLink 1.13.1 DataLink 1.14 DataLink 1.15 DataLink 1.16 Release Date: November 24, 2017 Enhancements Distance values in the travel time report are calculated based on information received from the Google maps API. The default distance calculation used in […]

Traffic Data Online Release Notes

Current: Traffic Data Online 17.11.1 Release Date: November 1, 2017 Enhancements New Miovision logo – introducing our new brand! Various performance improvements for accounts with large volumes of historical data. Bug Fixes TDO-372 – The camera icon on the “Annotate Study” step of the Add Video Wizard can still be […]

Traffic Data Online 17.4.28

Release Date: April 28, 2017 Traffic Data Online 17.4.28 offers email notification and billing enhancements, and bug fixes. What’s New Email Notifications – Project Details & Publish Notes Recently, project details were added to the ‘Analysis Complete’ email that is sent when a study completes processing. Now, these details will […]

DataLink 1.8.0 – April 2017

Release Date: April 27, 2017 DataLink 1.8.0 introduces remote schedule update for Scout, GEOCOUNTS report format, Travel Time report enhancements and bug fixes. What’s New Remote Schedule Update for Scout Say hello to worry-free data collection and goodbye to wasted field visits – remote Scout management is here! The Scout […]

Traffic Data Online 17.3.22

Release Date: March 22, 2017 Traffic Data Online 17.3.22 delivers study configuration enhancements and bug fixes. Features 100h Video Duration Limitation – Improved On the Add Video Study – Select Videos step of study configuration, aggregate video file duration is limited to 100h. Previously, TDO did not omit gaps in time between […]

DataLink 1.7.2 – March 2017

Release Date: March 2, 2017 DataLink 1.7.2 introduces Travel Time reporting, email notifications for Scout Connect battery and memory statuses and data request flow enhancements. What’s New Travel Time Reporting – beta Miovision’s new Travel Time reporting is now available in beta and is free for a limited time! Travel […]

Traffic Data Online 17.2.10

Release Date: February 16, 2017 Traffic Data Online 17.2.10 offers MioUploader connection improvements, email notification enhancements and bug fixes. Features MioUploader Connection Improvements MioUploader will no longer start automatically when you boot your PC. This will help prevent the MioUploader connection from becoming ‘stale’ during periods when it is not […]

DataLink 1.7.0 February 2017

Release Date: February 6, 2017 DataLink 1.7.0 delivers various enhancements to reporting options, field sheets layout, account management and communication tools. What’s New Reporting Preferences Choose your preferred approach and movement sort order from the preset options shown: Approach Order SB, WB, NB, EB EB, WB, NB, SB NB, SB, EB, […]